About Us  

Our History

  R.M. Piper, Inc. began operations in 1976 doing business as Site Systems Construction based in Rumney, New Hampshire.  Incorporating in 1982, the company’s work focus was on public utilities, water, sewer and telephone construction.  In the late 80s the company expanded its work force to include heavy construction including roads, bridges and dams.  Our corporate headquarters are located just off I-93 in Plymouth, New Hampshire .


Our Focus

Working mostly in the public sector; the majority of our work is contracted through a competitive bidding process on a unit price basis.  Our project range is 100K to 15M.  We have obtained pre-qualified bidder status with the States of New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont as well as several local municipalities.  Our construction operations are fully bonded and insured.

Our Mission

We take great pride in the work that we do.  Our goal is to provide QUALITY construction in a safe and timely manner.

Our Staff

Our hardworking and dedicated employees have been and continue to be our greatest asset and are absolutely essential to the continued success of our company.  Each project is managed in house by a team consisting of project manager, superintendent and foreman.  We employ upwards of 40 people during peak season, and are an equal opportunity employer.


 Our Record

R.M. Piper, Inc. prides itself in providing quality construction, on a timely basis.  Over the past 36 years of operation, all contracts have been completed within the time frame allotted.  We have never been assessed liquidated damages, and on no account have had our performance and payment bonds collected on.  We are committed to providing project owners a trustworthy and dependable source for their contracting needs.  

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